Olive Wood

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We’d like to thank all our customers for a successful first year of our Le Souk Olivique studio. We have moved into our third (and hopefully final) building after outgrowing the first two in just a matter of months.

We are expanding our production to 85 shapes for 2015. Our plan is by Summer 2015 to have all 85 in production and in stock for everyone.

As we hope you have noticed through out the course of 2014, our technical improvements have yielded some pretty significant upgrades to all our finished olive wood pieces. The new sanding and finishing tools and our proprietary mix of foodsafe sealant are working better than we ever hoped. We are building a new drying chamber with the goal of reaching 8% to 10% humidity for the raw wood. This will help reduce the rate of checking (cracking) in the wood that is the result of uneven rates of drying.

We welcome any comments or suggestions for new shapes, technical improvements or any other thoughts.

Thank you

~ Le Souk Olivique & Le Souk Ceramique