Fair Trade process

We are working with Bottega Solidale for our fair trade process. Bottega Solidale is part of AGICES in Italy, which is “Assemblea Generale Italiana del Commercio Equo e Solidale”. AGICES is a member of WFTO, the World Fair Trade Organization and so their process uses all the WFTO protocols and criteria. Bottega Solidale is one of the oldest proponents of Fair Trade. Cristiano started his efforts back in the early 1990’s before fair trade was even a global concept. He has been active in a wide variety of sectors ranging from bananas and flowers in South America, to sugar and chocolate and artisanal goods.

Cristiano approached us after the revolution and after the Tunisian system was modified to allow such inspections and processes. We started the process about two years ago and most recently in March 2017 Cristiano supervised the election of employee spokespersons; one for the bisque-making section and one for the painting section.

For any information about the inspections, assessments and process under the auspices of Bottega Solidale, please contact info@bottegasolidale.it and they would be happy to assist.

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