Le Souk Ceramique
Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn about us. We are an American-Tunisia company, started in 1997, with the simple goal of maintaining the traditions of hand-made and hand-painted ceramics.

We seek to fill the niche in the marketplace with reasonably priced ceramics, truly hand-painted, that are produced in full in the Mediterranean region. We are not high-end, expensive art like the ceramics made in Italy or France, but we are also not mass-produced ceramics from a factory in China. We aim to maintain the art of hand-painted ceramics but also keep them affordable and functional. In our rapidly mechanized world, we are proud to show that we paint each and every piece freehand. We do not outsource any aspect of our production. We make each piece at our studio in Nabeul, Tunisia and we invite you to watch the videos so you can see for yourself how we craft raw clay and glaze into the finished pieces.

In parallel to our ceramics studio, we started Le Souk Olivique in 2013 also in Nabeul, Tunisia. We currently make 85 shapes and sizes of olive wood kitchen tools such as utensils, boards, bowls and more and aim to add on new shapes every year.

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